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Depression Risk in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis in the United Kingdom

language editing services were provided by Claudia Jones, MA, Radford, Virginia, United States. Disclosures. Louis Jacob, Timo Rockel, and Karel Kostev have nothing to disclose. Compliance with Ethics

Absence of anti-hypocretin receptor 2 autoantibodies in post pandemrix narcolepsy cases

Mignot. Data curation: Guo Luo, Louis Jacob, Emmanuel Jean-Marie Mignot. Formal analysis: Guo Luo, Emmanuel Jean-Marie Mignot. Funding acquisition: Emmanuel Jean-Marie Mignot. Investigation: Emmanuel ... Jean-Marie Mignot. Methodology: Guo Luo, Louis Jacob, Emmanuel Jean-Marie Mignot. Project administration: Emmanuel Jean-Marie Mignot. Resources: Emmanuel Jean-Marie Mignot. Supervision: Emmanuel Jean

Evaluation of a multi-arm multi-stage Bayesian design for phase II drug selection trials – an example in hemato-oncology

Background Multi-Arm Multi-Stage designs aim at comparing several new treatments to a common reference, in order to select or drop any treatment arm to move forward when such evidence already exists based on interim analyses. We redesigned a Bayesian adaptive design initially proposed for dose-finding, focusing our interest in the comparison of multiple experimental drugs to a...

Serum gastrin and blood glucose levels during halothanenitrous oxide anaesthesia and strabismus surgery in children

The purpose of this study was to determine whether serum gastrin levels are increased by reflexogenic stimuli applied to the extrinsic muscles of the eye. Serum gastrin and blood glucose concentrations were measured in ten normal children aged between 5 and 12 yr during general anaesthesia with halothane and nitrous oxide and during strabismus surgery. Fasting basal...

The oculorespiratory reflex revisited

Continuous measurement of the intratracheal pressure and capnography are very simple and accessible methods for the detection and recording of the oculorespiratory reflex (ORR). Eight healthy children (five to 14 years old) undergoing strabismus surgery under halothane-nitrous oxide anaesthesia with spontaneous ventilation were studied. The ORR was evoked by traction on the...

Antiemetic prophylaxis with promethazine or droperidol in paediatric outpatient strabismus surgery

0 Victor Faria Blanc MDFaC~'C, Pierre Ruest MOFRCt'C~, Jean Milot MOFrcsc~, Jean-Louis Jacob MDFRCSC, A l e x a n d e r Tang MD FRCPC 1 From the Departments of Anaesthesia and Ophthalmology, H6pital

The oculocardiac reflex: a graphic and statistical analysis in infants and children

0 Victor Faria Blanc lmcP(c) , Jean-Francois Hardy MD, Jean Milot FRCS(C), Jean-Louis Jacob FRCS(C) A new method for the detection and recording of the The oculocardiac reflex (OCR) was first