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A multi-camera system for damage and tampering detection in a postal security framework

In this paper, we describe a multi-camera system for parcel inspection which detects signs of damages and cues of tampering. The proposed system has been developed within the EU project SAFEPOST as a part of a multi-sensor scanning modality, to enhance safety and security of parcels travelling on the European Postal Supply Chain. Our work addresses in particular the safety of...

Integration of multi-criteria and nearest neighbour analysis with kernel density functions for improving sinkhole susceptibility models: the case study of Enemonzo (NE Italy)

The significance of intra-mountain valleys to infrastructure and human settlements and the need to mitigate the geo-hazard affecting these assets are fundamental to the economy of Italian alpine regions. Therefore, there is a real need to recognize and assess possible geo-hazards affecting them. This study proposes the use of GIS-based analyses to construct a sinkhole...

Evaporite karst in Italy: a review

Although outcropping rarely in Italy, evaporite (gypsum and anhydrite) karst has been described in detail since the early 20th century. Gypsum caves are now known from almost all Italian regions, but are mainly localised along the northern border of the Apennine chain (Emilia Romagna and Marche), Calabria, and Sicily, where the major outcrops occur. Recently, important caves have...