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The inflaton portal to dark matter

HJE The in aton portal to dark matter Lucien Heurtier 0 1 0 Boulevard du Triomphe , CP225, 1050 Brussels , Belgium 1 Service de Physique Theorique, Universite Libre de Bruxelles We consider the

Sneutrino driven GUT inflation in supergravity

In this paper, we embed the model of flipped GUT sneutrino inflation — in a flipped SU(5) or SO(10) set up — developed by Ellis et al. in a supergravity framework. The GUT symmetry is broken by a waterfall which could happen at early or late stage of the inflationary period. The full field dynamics is thus studied in detail and these two main inflationary configurations are...

AdS3: the NHEK generation

It was argued in [1] that the five-dimensional near-horizon extremal Kerr (NHEK) geometry can be embedded in String Theory as the infrared region of an infinite family of non-supersymmetric geometries that have D1, D5, momentum and KK monopole charges. We show that there exists a method to embed these geometries into asymptotically-\( {\mathrm{AdS}}_3\times {S}^3/{\mathrm{\mathbb...

LHC signatures of a Z ′ mediator between dark matter and the SU(3) sector

In this paper, we study the experimental signatures of a gluophilic Z ′ at the LHC, in particular through the analysis of three jets or four tops events. The Z ′ couples to gluons through dimension six operators and the parameter space is constrained with experimental searches released at 7 and 8 TeV by CMS along these two different channels. Existing constraints coming from the...

Large-field inflation and supersymmetry breaking

Wilfried Buchmuller Emilian Dudas Lucien Heurtier Clemens Wieck Large-field inflation is an interesting and predictive scenario. Its non-trivial embedding in supergravity was intensively studied

Challenges for large-field inflation and moduli stabilization

We analyze the interplay between Kähler moduli stabilization and chaotic inflation in supergravity. While heavy moduli decouple from inflation in the supersymmetric limit, supersymmetry breaking generically introduces non-decoupling effects. These lead to inflation driven by a soft mass term, m φ 2 ∼ mm 3/2, where m is a supersymmetric mass parameter. This scenario needs no...

Extra U(1), effective operators, anomalies and dark matter

A general analysis is performed on the dimension-six operators mixing an almost hidden Z′ to the Standard Model (SM), when the Z′ communicates with the SM via heavy mediators. These are fermions charged under both Z′ and the SM, while all SM fermions are neutral under Z′. We classify the operators as a function of the gauge anomalies behaviour of mediators and explicitly compute...