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Effects of continuous visual feedback during sitting balance training in chronic stroke survivors

Postural control deficits are common in stroke survivors and often the rehabilitation programs include balance training based on visual feedback to improve the control of body position or of the voluntary shift of body weight in space. In the present work, a group of chronic stroke survivors, while sitting on a force plate, exercised the ability to control their Center of Pressure ...

Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging diagnostic relevance in pyogenic ventriculitis with an atypical presentation: a case report

Background Pyogenic ventriculitis is a rare and severe cerebral infection characterized by the presence of suppurative fluid in the cerebral ventricles. It is a life-threatening condition and may present with an aspecific neurological picture. Brain imaging techniques usually demonstrate intraventricular debris and pus, but negative imaging along with a misleading clinical picture ...

Recurring hyperammonemic encephalopathy induced by bacteria usually not producing urease

Stara 0 Roberta Marchese 0 Lucio Marinelli 0 0 Institute of Neurology, Department of Neuroscience, Rehabilitation , Ophthalmology, Genetics, Maternal and Child Health , University of Genova , Largo Daneo

Manual Linear Movements to Assess Spasticity in a Clinical Setting

In a clinical setting, where motor-driven systems are not readily available, the major difficulty in the assessment of the stretch reflex lies in the control of passive limb displacement velocity. A potential approach to this problem arises from the use of manual sinusoidal movements (made by continuous alternating flexions and extensions) paced by an external stimulus. ...