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Long-term QALY-weights among spouses of dependent and independent midlife stroke survivors

interest The authors, Josefine Persson, Mattias Aronsson, Lukas Holmegaard, Petra Redfors, Kaj Stenlo¨f, Katarina Jood, Christina Jern, Christian Blomstrand, Gunilla Forsberg-Wa¨rleby, Lars-A˚ ke Levin

Cardioembolic and Small Vessel Disease Stroke Show Differences in Associations between Systemic C3 Levels and Outcome

Background Activation of the complement system has been proposed to play a role in the pathophysiology of stroke. As the specific involvement of the complement proteins may be influenced by stroke etiology, we compared plasma C3 and C3a levels in patients with cardioembolic (CE) and small vessel disease (SVD) subtypes of ischemic stroke and control subjects and evaluated their...