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The Total Takings Myth

For almost thirty-five years, the U.S. Supreme Court has attempted to carve out a total takings doctrine within its regulatory takings jurisprudence. Most regulatory takings claims are evaluated under the “ad hoc” threefactor test first articulated in Penn Central Transportation Co. v. City of New York. Exceedingly few of these claims are successful. But the Court has identified...

Urban Revitalization in the Post-Kelo Era

Lynn E. Blais An ongoing urban revitalization project arrested by legislative reponses to the Kelo decision is likely to play out in many cities and towns across the country in the next few years. Since ... revitalization project. The author would like to thank Tad Duree, Eliot Turner, and Eric Willis for their extremely helpful research assitance on this project. URBAN REVITALIZATION IN THE POST-KELO ERA Lynn E

Environmental Racism Reconsidered

:// - CAROLINA Follow this and additional works at: ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM RECONSIDERED LYNN E. BLAIS* The rallying cry of the