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Mechanical behavior study of laminate composite by three-color digital holography

applicable. Authors’ contributions C Poilane, P Picart and M Gargouri conceived the project. C Poilane, P Picart and M Karray designed and performed the experiments. C Poilane, P Picart and M Karray analyzed

Synthesis, crystal structure, thermal analysis, and electrical properties of bis tetrapropylammonium hexachloro-dizincate compound

The present paper accounts for the synthesis, crystal structure, differential scanning calorimetry, vibrational study, and electrical properties of the [N(C3H7)4]2Zn2Cl6 compound. The latter is crystallized at room temperature in the triclinic system (\( P\overline{1} \) space group) with the following unit cell parameters: a = 13.736(2)Å, b = 17.044(3)Å, c = 17.334(2)Å, α = ...

Voie de la lipoxygénase : valorisation d'huiles végétales et biosynthèse de flaveurs

enantioselective conversions . In: Servi S., ed. Microbial reagents in organic synthesis . Amsterdam: Kluwer, 411 - 420 . Ghamgui H. , Karra-Chaabouni M. & Gargouri Y. , 2004 . 1 -Butyl oleate synthesis by