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A light sneutrino rescues the light stop

gaugino masses and supersoft supersymmetry breaking, JHEP 08 (2002) 035 [hep-ph/0206096] [INSPIRE]. [32] C. Arina, M. Chala, V. Martin-Lozano and G. Nardini, Confronting SUSY models with LHC data via

Renormalization group constraints on new top interactions from electroweak precision data

and Y. Soreq , Electroweak constraints on flavorful effective theories , JHEP 07 ( 2015 ) 018 [arXiv:1503.07872] [INSPIRE]. [47] J. de Blas , M. Chala , M. P´erez-Victoria and J. Santiago , Observable

Observable effects of general new scalar particles

. Skiba , Electroweak Corrections from Triplet Scalars , Phys. [18] B. Henning , X. Lu and H. Murayama , How to use the Standard Model effective field theory , [20] F. del Aguila , M. Chala , J. Santiago ... Constraints for Physics Beyond the Standard [31] M. Carpentier and S. Davidson , Constraints on two-lepton, two quark operators , Eur. Phys. [32] J. de Blas , M. Chala and J. Santiago, Global Constraints on

Boosted objects and jet substructure at the LHC. Report of BOOST2012, held at IFIC Valencia, 23rd–27th of July 2012

A. Altheimer A. Arce L. Asquith J. Backus Mayes E. Bergeaas Kuutmann J. Berger D. Bjergaard L. Bryngemark A. Buckley J. Butterworth M. Cacciari M. Campanelli T. Carli M. Chala B. Chapleau C. Chen J