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An absolute calibration of DENIS (deep near infrared southern sky survey)

An absolute calibration of the DENIS photometric system is presented. It includes the determination of the overall transmission profiles in the 3 bands, namely i, J and Ks, combining contributions from atmosphere, telescope mirrors, instrument lenses and dichroics, filters, and detectors. From these normalized profiles, isophotal and effective wavelengths are computed, using the...

The Laws of Agency Lawyering

does not reference a “tribunal”? The Advocate 22. MODEL RULES OF PROF’L CONDUCT r. 3.9 cmt. 3. 23. See GEOFFREY C. HAZARD, SUSAN P. KONIAK, ROGER C. CRAMTON, GEORGE M. COHEN & W. BRADLEY WENDEL, THE LAW ... ” assert a “colorable defense” as applying an inappropriate advocacy standard to a lawyer in a counseling role). 26. See generally Roger C. Cramton, George M. Cohen & Susan P. Koniak, Legal and Ethical

Mapping multiple components of malaria risk for improved targeting of elimination interventions

There is a long history of considering the constituent components of malaria risk and the malaria transmission cycle via the use of mathematical models, yet strategic planning in endemic countries tends not to take full advantage of available disease intelligence to tailor interventions. National malaria programmes typically make operational decisions about where to implement...

DUB3 Deubiquitylating Enzymes Regulate Hippo Pathway Activity by Regulating the Stability of ITCH, LATS and AMOT Proteins

The YAP and TAZ transcriptional coactivators promote oncogenic transformation. Elevated YAP/TAZ activity has been documented in human tumors. YAP and TAZ are negatively regulated by the Hippo tumor suppressor pathway. The activity and stability of several Hippo pathway components, including YAP/TAZ, is regulated by ubiquitin mediated protein turnover and several ubiquitin ligase...

Response to Druwe and Burgoon, 2016 Letter to the Editor in Archives of Toxicology

1 0 Indiana University , Bloomington, IN , USA 1 Michigan State University , East Lansing, MI , USA 2 Samuel M. Cohen We thank Drs. Druwe and Burgoon for their clarification of the Bayesian analysis

Response to Druwe and Burgoon

, USA 1 Indiana University , Bloomington, IN , USA 2 University of Nebraska Medical Center , Omaha, NE , USA 3 Samuel M. Cohen - We have determined (Cohen et al. 2014, 2015) that the conclusion

A conformation-induced fluorescence method for microRNA detection

MicroRNAs play important roles in a large variety of biological systems and processes through their regulation of target mRNA expression, and show promise as clinical biomarkers. However, their small size presents challenges for tagging or direct detection. Innovation in techniques to sense and quantify microRNAs may aid research into novel aspects of microRNA biology and...

ASL-LEX: A lexical database of American Sign Language

National Institutes of Health DC010997 to Dr. Karen Emmorey and San Diego State University, a Tufts University Faculty Research Award to Dr. Ariel M. Cohen-Goldberg, and a Tufts University Graduate Research

A Serious Man

" Journal of Religion & Film: Vol. 15: Iss. 2 Journal of Religion & Film Norman M. Cohen 0 0 Bet Shalom Congregation , Minnetonka, MN , USA - In the Coen brothers’ movie, A Serious Man, they once

Recent Decisions of the Court of International Trade Relating to Jurisdiction: A Primer and a Critique

contact Recommended Citation - Article 3 Follow this and additional works at: DAVID M. COHEN* The Court of International Trade (the Court) was created by

Assessing Bladder Cancer Risk in Type 2 Diabetes Clinical Trials: the Dapagliflozin Drug Development Program as a ‘Case Study’

of Medicine and Dentistry , Rochester, NY , USA 1 S. M. Cohen University of Nebraska Medical Center , Omaha, NE , USA 2 A. Ptaszynska (&) T. P. Reilly Bristol-Myers Squibb , Princeton, NJ , USA 3 E

Maternal Antioxidant Levels in Pregnancy and Risk of Preeclampsia and Small for Gestational Age Birth: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Background Oxidative stress in preeclampsia and small for gestational age (SGA) birth suggests antioxidant supplementation could prevent these conditions. However, it remains unclear whether maternal antioxidant levels are systematically lower in these pregnancies. Objective To conduct a systematic review of the association between maternal antioxidant levels during pregnancy and...

The Brass Nails of the Akko Tower Wreck (Israel): Archaeometallurgical Analyses

The shipwreck designated as the Akko Tower Wreck was discovered inside Akko harbor, Israel, in 1966. It was surveyed in 1975 and 1981, and excavated in 2012–2013. Hull planks were connected to the frames by brass nails, some of which were in situ, emerging vertically from the planking, where frames had disappeared, and others were detached. The 105 nails that were retrieved were...

Plasma Exosomal miRNAs in Persons with and without Alzheimer Disease: Altered Expression and Prospects for Biomarkers

To assess the value of exosomal miRNAs as biomarkers for Alzheimer disease (AD), the expression of microRNAs was measured in a plasma fraction enriched in exosomes by differential centrifugation, using Illumina deep sequencing. Samples from 35 persons with a clinical diagnosis of AD dementia were compared to 35 age and sex matched controls. Although these samples contained less...

Reply to “Reversal and Prevention of Arsenic-Induced Human Bronchial Epithelial Cell Malignant Transformation by MicroRNA-200b”

Samuel M. Cohen 0 0 Department of Pathology and Microbiology, University of Nebraska Medical Center , Omaha, NE 68198-3135 - In reviewing the article by Wang et al. entitled