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Genomic approaches for the elucidation of genes and gene networks underlying cardiovascular traits

Genome-wide association studies have shed light on the association between natural genetic variation and cardiovascular traits. However, linking a cardiovascular trait associated locus to a candidate gene or set of candidate genes for prioritization for follow-up mechanistic studies is all but straightforward. Genomic technologies based on next-generation sequencing technology...

Bioinformatic interrogation of expression array data to identify nutritionally regulated genes potentially modulated by DNA methylation

DNA methylation occurs at CpG dinucleotide sites within the genome and is recognised as one of the mechanisms involved in regulation of gene expression. CpG sites are relatively underrepresented in the mammalian genome, but occur densely in regions called CpG islands (CGIs). CGIs located in the promoters of genes inhibit transcription when methylated by impeding transcription...