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Four-loop renormalization of QCD with a reducible fermion representation of the gauge group: anomalous dimensions and renormalization constants

We present analytical results at four-loop level for the renormalization constants and anomalous dimensions of an extended QCD model with one coupling constant and an arbitrary number of fermion representations. One example of such a model is the QCD plus gluinos sector of a supersymmetric theory where the gluinos are Majorana fermions in the adjoint representation of the gauge ...

Four-loop QCD β-function with different fermion representations of the gauge group

We present analytical results at four-loop level for the β-function of the coupling of a generic gauge group and any number of different quark representations. From this we can directly derive the gluino contribution to the strong coupling β-function of supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model.

OPE of the energy-momentum tensor correlator and the gluon condensate operator in massless QCD to three-loop order

The correlator of two gluonic operators plays an important role for example in transport properties of a Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) or in sum rules for glueballs. In [1] an operator product expansion (OPE) at zero temperature was performed for the correlators of two scalar operators \( {O}_1=-\frac{1}{4}{G}^{\mu \nu }{G}_{\mu \nu } \) and two QCD energy-momentum tensors T μν. There ...