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Development of AhMITE1 markers through genome-wide analysis in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Objective In peanut, the DNA polymorphism is very low despite enormous phenotypic variations. This limits the use of genomics-assisted breeding to enhance peanut productivity. This study aimed to develop and validate new AhMITE1 and cleaved amplified polymorphic sequences (CAPS) markers. Results In total, 2957 new AhMITE1 markers were developed in addition to identifying 465...

Cytological and Pathological Correlation of FNAC in Assessing Breast Lumps and Axillary Lymph Node Swellings in a Public Sector Hospital in India

. Vijayalakshmi Deshmane and Dr. devi. M. Gayathri were the cytopathologist in reviewing the slides and collaborated for paper reviewing and editing. References Z. Kaufman, B. Shpitz, M. Shapiro et al., “Triple