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Higgs boson pair production at NNLO with top quark mass effects

., Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 4. Deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector, arXiv:1610.07922 [INSPIRE]. [32] M. Grazzini, S. Kallweit and M. Wiesemann, Fully di erential NNLO computations with ... MATRIX, arXiv:1711.06631 [INSPIRE]. [33] S. Catani and M. Grazzini, An NNLO subtraction formalism in hadron collisions and its application to Higgs boson production at the LHC, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98 (2007

Precision studies of observables in \(p p \rightarrow W \rightarrow l\nu _l\) and \( pp \rightarrow \gamma ,Z \rightarrow l^+ l^-\) processes at the LHC

. G. Bondarenko 12 14 C. M. Carloni Calame 18 M. Chiesa 18 S. Dittmaier 17 G. Ferrera 22 D. de Florian 16 21 M. Grazzini 9 S. Höche 10 A. Huss 7 S. Jadach 8 L. V. Kalinovskaya 14 A. Karlberg 5 F. Krauss