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Retraction Note to: Multi-Length Scale Analysis of the Effect of Fused-Silica Pre-shocking on its Tendency for Devitrification

M. Grujicic , J.S. Snipes, and S. Ramaswami , Department of Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University , 241 Engineering Innovation Building, Clemson, SC 29634-0921. Contact

Wind-Turbine Gear-Box Roller-Bearing Premature-Failure Caused by Grain-Boundary Hydrogen Embrittlement: A Multi-physics Computational Investigation

J.S. Snipes 0 S. Ramaswami 0 R. Yavari 0 0 M. Grujicic , V. Chenna, R. Galgalikar, J.S. Snipes, S. Ramaswami and R. Yavari , Department of Mechanical Engineering, 241 Engineering Innovation Building ... Turbine GearBox Reliability , 2007 European Wind Energy Conference, Milan, Italy 4. M. Grujicic , G. Arakere , V. Sellappan , A. Vallejo , and M. Ozen , Structural-Response Analysis, Fatigue-Life Prediction

Fatigue-Life Computational Analysis for the Self-Expanding Endovascular Nitinol Stents

Self-expanding endovascular stents made of Nitinol (a Ni-Ti intermetallic compound possessing superelastic and shape-memory properties) are being widely used to treat a common circulatory problem in which narrowed arteries, primarily due to fatty deposits, hamper blood flow to the extremities (the problem commonly referred to as “peripheral artery disease”). The stents of this...

Design-Optimization and Material Selection for a Proximal Radius Fracture-Fixation Implant

M. Grujicic X. Xie G. Arakere A. Grujicic D.W. Wagner A. Vallejo The problem of optimal size, shape, and placement of a proximal radius-fracture fixation-plate is addressed computationally using a

Structural-Response Analysis, Fatigue-Life Prediction, and Material Selection for 1 MW Horizontal-Axis Wind-Turbine Blades

. Vallejo 0 M. Ozen 0 0 M. Grujicic, G. Arakere, and E. Subramanian, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University , 241 Engineering Innovation Building, Clemson, SC 29634-0921; and V. Sellappan, A ... , Pennsylvania, 1992 15. M. Grujicic , G. Arakere, W.C. Bell , H. Marvi , H.V. Yalavarthy , B. Pandurangan , I. Haque , and G.M. Fadel , Reliability-Based Design Optimization for Durability of Ground-Vehicle

Development of a Meso-Scale Material Model for Ballistic Fabric and Its Use in Flexible-Armor Protection Systems

Systems, Providence, RI, 2007 27. M. Grujicic , B. Pandurangan , U. Zecevic , K.L. Koudela , and B.A. Cheeseman , Ballistic Performance of Alumina/S-2 Glass-Reinforced Polymer-Matrix Composite Hybrid ... Lightweight Armor Against Projectiles, Multidiscip. Model Mater. Struct. , 2007 , 3 , p 287 - 312 28. M. Grujicic , V. Sellappan , G. Arakere , J.C. Ziegert , F.Y. Koc er, and D. Schmueser , Multi-Disciplinary

An Improved Mechanical Material Model for Ballistic Soda-Lime Glass

M. Grujicic B. Pandurangan W.C. Bell N. Coutris B.A. Cheeseman C. Fountzoulas P. Patel D.W. Templeton K.D. Bishnoi In our recent work (Grujicic et al., Int. J. Impact Eng., 2008), various open