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High frame rate imaging based photometry - Photometric reduction of data from electron-multiplying charge coupled devices (EMCCDs)

Context. The EMCCD is a type of CCD that delivers fast readout times and negligible readout noise, making it an ideal detector for high frame rate applications which improve resolution, like lucky imaging or shift-and-add. This improvement in resolution can potentially improve the photometry of faint stars in extremely crowded fields significantly by alleviating crowding...

Cam A: a new dwarf low-surface-brightness galaxy on the Local Group outskirts?

We present a deep I-band image of the nearby dwarf irregular galaxy Cam A obtained with the Nordic Optical Telescope with 0.6-arcsec seeing (FWHM). The distance to Cam A, DMW=1.9 Mpc, is estimated from the tip of the red giant branch seen at I=22.8±0.2 mag. The youngest stellar population of the galaxy seems to be of age about 100 Myr. Relying on its barycentric distance, DLG=1.6...

GRB 090313: X-shooter's first shot at a gamma-ray burst

. Hjorth 10 R. A. M. J. Wijers 14 S. D'Odorico 9 F. Hammer 15 L. Kaper 14 P. Kjaergaard 4 S. Randich 5 M. I. Andersen 10 L. A. Antonelli 12 L. Christensen 9 P. D'Avanzo 8 F. Fiore 12 P. J. Groot 2 E

An HST study of three very faint GRB host galaxies

A&A Astronomy & Astrophysics A. O. Jaunsen 3 M. I. Andersen 0 1 J. Hjorth 7 J. P. U. Fynbo 6 7 S. T. Holland 5 B. Thomsen 6 J. Gorosabel 4 8 9 B. E. Schaefer 2 G. Bjo¨ rnsson 11 P. Natarajan 12