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Internistische Notfälle an der Schnittstelle von ambulant und stationär – Teil 2

Interessenkonflikt. M. Kochanek , M. Hallek, H. Lehnert und S.M. Schellong geben an, dass kein Interessenkonflikt besteht 2 Medizinische Klinik I, Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein , Campus Lübeck, Lübeck

Phase I randomized clinical trial of N-acetylcysteine in combination with an adjuvant probenecid for treatment of severe traumatic brain injury in children

. Methodology: Robert S. B. Clark, Philip E. Empey, Patrick M. Kochanek. Project administration: Robert S. B. Clark, Michael J. Bell. Resources: Robert S. B. Clark, Philip E. Empey, HuÈlya Bayõr, Samuel M ... . Poloyac, Patrick M. Kochanek, Thomas D. Nolin, Michael J. Bell. 14 / 16 Supervision: Robert S. B. Clark, Michael J. Bell. Validation: Robert S. B. Clark, Michael J. Bell. Visualization: Robert S. B

Influenza virus infections in patients with malignancies –– characteristics and outcome of the season 2014/15. A survey conducted by the Infectious Diseases Working Party (AGIHO) of the German Society of Haematology and Medical Oncology (DGHO)

Influenza virus infections (IVI) may pose a vital threat to immunocompromised patients such as those suffering from malignancies, but specific data on epidemiology and outcome in these patients are scarce. In this study, we collected data on patients with active cancer or with a history of cancer, presenting with documented IVI in eight centres in Germany. Two hundred and three...

Bench-to-bedside review: Apoptosis/programmed cell death triggered by traumatic brain injury

. Clark RSB , Chen M , Kochanek PM , et al.: Detection of singleand double-strand DNA breaks after traumatic brain injury in rats: comparison of in situ labeling techniques using DNA polymerase I, the