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Attorney Discipline Systems: Improving Public Perception and Increasing Efficacy

preserve its effectiveness, the profession must dispel poor public perception with policies that truly protect the public as well as the integrity of the legal profession. JENNIFER M. KRAUS* 203. See

Hard photons in hadroproduction of top quarks with realistic final states

] [INSPIRE].ADSCrossRefGoogle Scholar [30] G. Bevilacqua, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus and M. Worek, Off-shell Top Quarks with One Jet at the LHC: A comprehensive analysis at NLO QCD, JHEP 11 (2016) 098 [arXiv ... , M. Kraus and M. Worek, Matching the Nagy-Soper parton shower at next-to-leading order, JHEP 06 (2015) 033 [arXiv:1502.00925] [INSPIRE].ADSCrossRefGoogle Scholar [59] M. Jezabek and J.H. Kuhn, QCD

Top quark mass studies with $$ t\overline{t}j $$ at the LHC

, M. Kraus and M. Worek, Top Quark Pair Production in Association with a Jet with Next-to-Leading-Order QCD O -Shell E ects at the Large Hadron Collider, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 (2016) 052003 [arXiv ... :1509.09242] [INSPIRE]. [29] G. Bevilacqua, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus and M. Worek, O -shell Top Quarks with One Jet at the LHC: A comprehensive analysis at NLO QCD, JHEP 11 (2016) 098 [arXiv:1609.01659] [INSPIRE


zusammengestellt zu haben, und wünschen Ihnen allen viel Vergnügen und Informationsgewinn bei der Lektüre. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Univ.-Prof. Dr. U. Stöckle PD Dr. T. M. Kraus, MBA Korrespondenzadresse

Big data and precision medicine: challenges and strategies with healthcare data

Recent snapshots of the European progress on big data in health care and precision medicine reveal diverse perceptions of experts and the public, leading to the impression that algorithmic issues have the largest share among the challenges all health systems are faced with. Yet, from a comparison of different countries it is evident that the adaption and integration of...

Off-shell top quarks with one jet at the LHC: a comprehensive analysis at NLO QCD

-quark pair-production with one jet and [35] M. Czakon, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus and M. Worek, Matching the Nagy-Soper parton [36] P. Nason, A new method for combining NLO QCD with shower Monte Carlo ... and B.R. Webber, Matching NLO QCD computations and parton shower [40] G. Bevilacqua, H.B. Hartanto, M. Kraus and M. Worek, Top Quark Pair Production in [41] A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, S. Kallweit and S

TraqBio - Flexible Progress Tracking for Core Unit Projects

Motivation Core service units have become an organisational hallmark in many research institutions world wide. Such service cores provide complex state-of-the-art technologies and expertise to the research community. Typically, a user delivers material or raw data to a core. The core defines work packages for ensuing analysis and returns results back to the user. This core...

Matching the Nagy-Soper parton shower at next-to-leading order

”. M. Worek and M. Kraus acknowledge support by the DFG under Grant No. WO 1900/1-1 (“Signals and Backgrounds Beyond Leading Order. Phenomenological studies for the LHC”). In addition, this research was

A pulsed, mono-energetic and angular-selective UV photo-electron source for the commissioning of the KATRIN experiment

. Pac . 125 ( 925 ), 306 ( 2013 ). doi:10.1086/670067 32. M. Kraus , Energy-scale systematics at the KATRIN main spectrometer . Ph.D. thesis, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie ( 2016 ) 33. J.P. Barrett

Establishing the need and identifying goals for a curriculum in medical business ethics: a survey of students and residents at two medical centers in Missouri

Background In recent years, issues in medical business ethics (MBE), such as conflicts of interest (COI), Medicare fraud and abuse, and the structure and functioning of reimbursement systems, have received significant attention from the media and professional associations in the United States. As a result of highly publicized instances of financial interests altering physician...

Inhomogeneous molecular ring around the B[e] supergiant LHA 120-S 73

Bonanos , A. Z. , Massa , D. L. , Sewilo , M. , et al. 2009 , AJ, 138 , 1003 Bonanos , A. Z. , Lennon , D. J. , Köhlinger , F. , et al. 2010 , AJ, 140 , 416 Borges Fernandes , M. , Kraus , M. , Lorenz ... ] Phenomenon, eds. M. Kraus, & A. S. Miroshnichenko , ASP Conf. Ser., 355 , 259 Rapson , V. A. , Kastner , J. H. , Millar-Blanchaer , M. A. , & Dong , R. 2015 , ApJ, 815 , L26 Saio , H. , Georgy , C. , & Meynet

Curricular priorities for business ethics in medical practice and research: recommendations from Delphi consensus panels

Background No published curricula in the area of medical business ethics exist. This is surprising given that physicians wrestle daily with business decisions and that professional associations, the Institute of Medicine, Health and Human Services, Congress, and industry have issued related guidelines over the past 5 years. To fill this gap, the authors aimed (1) to identify the...

Predicting Variabilities in Cardiac Gene Expression with a Boolean Network Incorporating Uncertainty

Gene interactions in cells can be represented by gene regulatory networks. A Boolean network models gene interactions according to rules where gene expression is represented by binary values (on / off or {1, 0}). In reality, however, the gene’s state can have multiple values due to biological properties. Furthermore, the noisy nature of the experimental design results in...

Nelfinavir augments proteasome inhibition by bortezomib in myeloma cells and overcomes bortezomib and carfilzomib resistance

HIV protease inhibitors (HIV-PI) are oral drugs for HIV treatment. HIV-PI have antitumor activity via induction of ER-stress, inhibition of phospho-AKT (p-AKT) and the proteasome, suggesting antimyeloma activity. We characterize the effects of all approved HIV-PI on myeloma cells. HIV-PI were compared regarding cytotoxicity, proteasome activity, ER-stress induction and AKT...

Probing the ejecta of evolved massive stars in transition - A VLT/SINFONI K-band survey

, 398 , 286 Magalhães , A. M. , Melgarejo , R. , Pereyra , A. , & Carciofi , A. C. 2006 , in Stars with the B[e] Phenomenon, eds. M. Kraus, & A. S. Miroshnichenko , ASP Conf. Ser., 355 , 147 Marchiano , P ... -type stars, eds. M. A. Smith , H. F. Henrichs , & J. Fabregat , ASP Conf. Ser., 214 , 26 Zickgraf , F.-J. 2006 , in Stars with the B[e] Phenomenon. eds. M. Kraus, & A. S. Miroshnichenko , ASP Conf. Ser

Detection of a 1.59 h period in the B supergiant star HD 202850

Context. Photospheric lines of B-type supergiants show variability in their profile shapes. In addition, their widths are much wider than can be accounted for purely by stellar rotation. This excess broadening is often referred to as macroturbulence. Both effects have been linked to stellar oscillations, but B supergiants have not been systematically searched yet for the presence...

A new observational tracer for high-density disc-like structures around B[e] supergiants*

. X. , Bastos Pereira C. , Codina Landaberry S. J. , 2001 , ApJS, 136 , 747 Borges Fernandes M. , Kraus M. , Chesneau O. , Domiciano de Souza A., de Arau´jo F. X. , Stee P. , Meilland A. , 2009 , A &A

A highly efficient multi-core algorithm for clustering extremely large datasets

Background In recent years, the demand for computational power in computational biology has increased due to rapidly growing data sets from microarray and other high-throughput technologies. This demand is likely to increase. Standard algorithms for analyzing data, such as cluster algorithms, need to be parallelized for fast processing. Unfortunately, most approaches for...