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Dissolving Microneedle Patches for Dermal Vaccination

The dermal route is an attractive route for vaccine delivery due to the easy skin accessibility and a dense network of immune cells in the skin. The development of microneedles is crucial to take advantage of the skin immunization and simultaneously to overcome problems related to vaccination by conventional needles (e.g. pain, needle-stick injuries or needle re-use). This review...

Occipital neurostimulation in primary headaches: update

A subset of headache patients are chronic and results refractory to standard medical treatments, they are unsatisfied or unable to tolerate the side effects of medications. In the lack of more effective prophylactic treatment, there is need of alternative approach. Migraine is conceptualized as a chronic and potentially progressive disorder. It is conceivable that more aggressive...

Measurement of the 25Mg(α,n)28Si reaction cross section at LNL

The detection of the 1809 keV emission line associated with the decay of 26Al in the interstellar medium provides a direct evidence of recent nucleosynthesis events in our galaxy.26Al is thought to be mainly produced in massive stars, but in order to have a quantita- tive understanding of the 26Al distribution, the cross section of all the nuclear reactions involved in its...

Diabetogenic Effect of a Series of Tricyclic Delta Opioid Agonists Structurally Related to Cyproheptadine

The unexpected observation of a hyperglycemic effect of some tricycle-based delta opioid receptor (DOR) agonists led to a series of studies to better understand the finding. Single administration of two novel tricyclic DOR agonists dose dependently elevated rat plasma glucose levels; 4-week toxicology studies confirmed the hyperglycemic finding and further revealed pancreatic...

Federal Jurisdiction - All Plaintiffs Required to Meet $10,000 Jurisdictional Amount in Order to Maintain a Rule 23(b)(3) Class Action Under 28 U.S.C. 1332(a)

Vol. Federal Jurisdiction - All Plaintif s Required to Meet $10,000 Jurisdictional Amount in Order to Maintain a Rule 23(b)(3) Class Action Under 28 Louis M. Leone 0 0 Thi s Case Comment is brought ... suit. Louis M. LEONE 3. Zahn v. International Paper Co., 53 F.R.D. 430 ( D. Vt . 1971 ). 4. 394 U.S. 332 ( 1969 ). 5. 469 F.2d at 1040. 6. 93 S. Ct . 1370 ( 1973 ). 7. 39 F. R .D. 94 , 98 ( 1966 ). 8