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Completeness and reliability of mortality data in Viet Nam: Implications for the national routine health management information system

Thi Hong, Sue M. Walker, Chalapati Rao. Project administration: Tran Thi Hong, Nguyen Phuong Hoa. Supervision: Tran Thi Hong, Nguyen Phuong Hoa. Validation: Tran Thi Hong. Writing ± original draft ... : Tran Thi Hong. Writing ± review & editing: Tran Thi Hong, Nguyen Phuong Hoa, Sue M. Walker, Peter S. Hill, Chalapati Rao. 14 / 16 15 / 16 36. 1. Hill K , Lopez AD , Shibuya K , Jha P. Interim measures

Fossil Fuels, Development and Aid: Should More Be Done to Help?

Previous works have demonstrated that developing nations rich in fossil fuels typically suffer from lower levels of economic growth than nations without them. Increased foreign aid in these countries could potentially reverse their misfortunes and improve their overall welfare. Three indicators were selected in this study to gauge national welfare; economic growth, improvements...

The chromosome 6q22.33 region is associated with age at diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and disease risk in those diagnosed under 5 years of age

Aims/hypothesis The genetic risk of type 1 diabetes has been extensively studied. However, the genetic determinants of age at diagnosis (AAD) of type 1 diabetes remain relatively unexplained. Identification of AAD genes and pathways could provide insight into the earliest events in the disease process. Methods Using ImmunoChip data from 15,696 cases, we aimed to identify regions...

Externalities in appropriation: responses to probabilistic losses

Using an appropriation game setting, we examine individual responses to changes in a groups’ vulnerability to a probabilistic loss (L) of a public good. The probabilistic loss parameter entails losing 10, 50 or 90% of the value of the public good that is maintained through cooperation, where the likelihood of the loss decreases in total group cooperation. By design, the expected...

Stick to the Message. Vary the Method.

While city and library staff had laid the groundwork for a new library for several years, we basically had six months to educate voters. That election required a double majority, where more than 50 percent of registered voters had to cast a ballot, and more than 50 percent of them had to say “yes.” Tigard voters passed the measure 60 percent to 40 percent. It was one of only...

Adopting Team-Based Learning for In-Service Teachers: A Case Study

International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Teachers: A Case Study Adopting Team-Based Learning for In-Ser vice Zachary M. Walker 0 1 0 National Institute of Education

Design and mechanical characterization of solid and highly porous 3D printed poly(propylene fumarate) scaffolds

The primary goal of tissue engineering is to repair a defect by encouraging new tissue growth and remodeling of that tissue within a biodegradable scaffold. The scaffold is the centerpiece of tissue engineering efforts, and its design and properties are of paramount importance. The architecture of the scaffold will directly impact its mechanical strength, degradation...

Biometric Boom: How the Private Sector Commodifies Human Characteristics

Elizabeth M. Walker* Biometric technology has become an increasingly common part of daily life. Although biometrics have been used for decades, recent advances and new uses have made the technology more

Carbonic anhydrase III (Car3) is not required for fatty acid synthesis and does not protect against high-fat diet induced obesity in mice

Carbonic anhydrases are a family of enzymes that catalyze the reversible condensation of water and carbon dioxide to carbonic acid, which spontaneously dissociates to bicarbonate. Carbonic anhydrase III (Car3) is nutritionally regulated at both the mRNA and protein level. It is highly enriched in tissues that synthesize and/or store fat: liver, white adipose tissue, brown adipose...

Can a simulation-based training program impact the use of evidence based routine practices at birth? Results of a hospital-based cluster randomized trial in Mexico

Background In Mexico, although the majority of births are attended in hospitals, reports have emerged of obstetric violence, use of unsafe practices, and failure to employ evidence-based practices (EBP). Recent attention has refocused global efforts towards provision of quality care that is both patient-centered and evidence-based. Scaling up of local interventions should rely on...

Evaluating quantitative and conceptual models of speech production: how does SLAM fare?

In a previous publication, we presented a new computational model called SLAM (Walker & Hickok, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review doi: 10.3758/s13423-015-0903), based on the hierarchical state feedback control (HSFC) theory (Hickok Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 13(2), 135–145, 2012). In his commentary, Goldrick (Psychonomic Bulletin & Review doi: 10.3758/s13423-015-0946-9) claims that...

Crisis Leadership During the Great Recession of 2008

/iss1/9 Steven M. Walker Instructor, School of Professional Studies, Gonzaga University Aeronautical University–Worldwide Worldwide University–Worldwide James W. Marion, Jr. Assistant Professor and

Development of a Magnetic Microbead Affinity Selection Screen (MagMASS) Using Mass Spectrometry for Ligands to the Retinoid X Receptor-α

To overcome limiting factors in mass spectrometry-based screening methods such as automation while still facilitating the screening of complex mixtures such as botanical extracts, magnetic microbead affinity selection screening (MagMASS) was developed. The screening process involves immobilization of a target protein on a magnetic microbead using a variety of possible chemistries...

Species From Feces: Order-Wide Identification of Chiroptera From Guano and Other Non-Invasive Genetic Samples

Bat guano is a relatively untapped reservoir of information, having great utility as a DNA source because it is often available at roosts even when bats are not and is an easy type of sample to collect from a difficult-to-study mammalian order. Recent advances from microbial community studies in primer design, sequencing, and analysis enable fast, accurate, and cost-effective...

Mutational escape of CD8+ T cell epitopes: implications for prevention and therapy of persistent hepatitis virus infections

Joerg Timm 0 Christopher M. Walker 0 0 C. M. Walker Department of Pediatrics, The Ohio State University School of Medicine , Columbus, OH , USA 1 ) Institute of Virology, University Hospital

Women view key sexual behaviours as the trigger for the onset and recurrence of bacterial vaginosis

. 43. Vodstrcil LA , Hocking JS , Law M , Walker S , Tabrizi SN , Fairley CK , et al. Hormonal contraception is associated with a reduced risk of bacterial vaginosis: a systematic review and meta