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Effective strategies for scaling up evidence-based practices in primary care: a systematic review

While an extensive array of existing evidence-based practices (EBPs) have the potential to improve patient outcomes, little is known about how to implement EBPs on a larger scale. Therefore, we sought to identify effective strategies for scaling up EBPs in primary care. We conducted a systematic review with the following inclusion criteria: (i) study design: randomized and ...

Benefit–Risk Profile of Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Receptor Modulators in Relapsing and Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

, Baxter, Biogen Idec, CSL Behring, GeNeuro, Genzyme, MedImmune, Merck Serono, Novartis, Opexa, Receptos, Roche, Sanofi, and Teva. Rajesh Bakshi is an employee of Novartis Pharma AG. Ian M. Williams is an

Race and Justice Outcomes: Contextualizing Racial Discrimination and Ferguson

While scores of literature may hint at the tumultuous relationship between the criminal justice system and Blacks, such literature, however, fail to assess, comprehensively, the intersectional purpose of present criminal justice processes and race. This paper will examine contemporary applications of justice along racial lines. It is argued that current justice outcomes are ...

ErbB3 drives mammary epithelial survival and differentiation during pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy, as the mammary gland prepares for synthesis and delivery of milk to newborns, a luminal mammary epithelial cell (MEC) subpopulation proliferates rapidly in response to systemic hormonal cues that activate STAT5A. While the receptor tyrosine kinase ErbB4 is required for STAT5A activation in MECs during pregnancy, it is unclear how ErbB3, a heterodimeric partner of ...

Point-particle effective field theory I: classical renormalization and the inverse-square potential

] [INSPIRE]. chiral supergravity, JHEP 09 (2007) 124 [arXiv:0705.3212] [INSPIRE]. [1] C.P. Burgess , P. Hayman , M. Williams and L. Zalavari , Point-particle e ective eld theory [2] C.P. Burgess , F. Metz and ... M. Williams , A problem with -functions: stress-energy [67] C. de Rham, The e ective eld theory of codimension-two branes , JHEP 01 ( 2008 ) 060 [71] C.P. Burgess , D. Hoover , C. de Rham and G

Genetic variation in the eicosanoid pathway is associated with non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) survival

. Williams. Data curation: Carissa C. Jones. 16 / 20 Formal analysis: Lindsay N. Sausville, Carissa C. Jones, Scott M. Williams. Funding acquisition: William J. Blot, Ambra Pozzi, Scott M. Williams ... . Investigation: Lindsay N. Sausville, Melinda C. Aldrich, William J. Blot. Project administration: Ambra Pozzi, Scott M. Williams. Resources: Carissa C. Jones, Melinda C. Aldrich, William J. Blot, Ambra Pozzi

A functional approach to understanding the role of NCKX5 in Xenopus pigmentation

. Green, Paul P. Schnetkamp, Grant N. Wheeler. Data curation: Ruth M. Williams, Paul P. Schnetkamp, Grant N. Wheeler. Formal analysis: Ruth M. Williams, Rebecca S. Ginger, Martin R. Green, Paul P ... . Schnetkamp, Grant N. Wheeler. Funding acquisition: Martin R. Green, Grant N. Wheeler. Investigation: Ruth M. Williams, Paul P. Schnetkamp, Grant N. Wheeler. Methodology: Ruth M. Williams, Paul P

Changes in field workability and drought risk from projected climate change drive spatially variable risks in Illinois cropping systems

As weather patterns become more volatile and extreme, risks introduced by weather variability will become more critical to agricultural production. The availability of days suitable for field work is driven by soil temperature and moisture, both of which may be altered by climate change. We projected changes in Illinois season length, spring field workability, and summer drought ...

A Meta-Analysis and Critical Review of Prospective Memory in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Landsiedel 0 David M. Williams 0 Kirsten Abbot-Smith 0 0 School of Psychology, Keynes College, University of Kent , Canterbury CT2 7NP , UK Prospective memory (PM) is the ability to remember to carry out a ... of mind and switching predict prospective memory performance in adolescents . Journal of Experimental Child Psychology , 127 , 163 - 175 . doi:10.1016/j.jecp. 2014 .03.009. Altgassen , M. , Williams

Is floral structure a reliable indicator of breeding system in the Brassicaceae?

This study investigated the usefulness of floral characters as a potential indicator of breeding system in the Brassicaceae. Initially, pod set, seed set and pollen tube growth experiments were carried out to confirm the breeding systems of 53 lines representing 25 different cultivated and weedy species from the Brassicaceae. The results of the pod set tests clearly differentiated ...

The 2.0 Å X-ray structure for yeast acetohydroxyacid synthase provides new insights into its cofactor and quaternary structure requirements

. Fraser 0 Craig M. Williams 0 Luke W. Guddat 0 Andreas Hofmann, Griffith University, AUSTRALIA 0 The School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, The University of Queensland , Brisbane, QLD , Australia

MicroRNAs, miR-23a-3p and miR-151-3p, Are Regulated in Dentate Gyrus Neuropil following Induction of Long-Term Potentiation In Vivo

Translation of synaptic mRNA contributes to alterations in the proteome necessary to consolidate long-term potentiation (LTP), a model of memory processes. Yet, how this process is controlled is not fully resolved. MicroRNAs are non-coding RNAs that negatively regulate gene expression by suppressing translation or promoting mRNA degradation. As specific microRNAs are synaptically ...

Complex Patterns of Association between Pleiotropy and Transcription Factor Evolution

Pleiotropy has been claimed to constrain gene evolution but specific mechanisms and extent of these constraints have been difficult to demonstrate. The expansion of molecular data makes it possible to investigate these pleiotropic effects. Few classes of genes have been characterized as intensely as human transcription factors (TFs). We therefore analyzed the evolutionary rates of ...

Judgment of Learning Accuracy in High-functioning Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This study explored whether adults and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) demonstrate difficulties making metacognitive judgments, specifically judgments of learning. Across two experiments, the study examined whether individuals with ASD could accurately judge whether they had learnt a piece of information (in this case word pairs). In Experiment 1, adults with ASD ...

A problem with δ-functions: stress-energy constraints on bulk-brane matching (with comments on arXiv:1508.01124)

, brane back-reaction and uxes , JHEP 02 [13] C.P. Burgess , R. Diener and M. Williams , The gravity of dark vortices: e ective eld theory [14] C.P. Burgess , R. Diener and M. Williams , EFT for vortices ... . Quevedo , On brane [27] C.P. Burgess , L. van Nierop , S. Parameswaran , A. Salvio and M. Williams , Accidental

Foundations for using linear temporal logic in Event-B refinement

In this paper we present a new way of reconciling Event-B refinement with linear temporal logic (LTL) properties. In particular, the results presented in this paper allow properties to be established for abstract system models, and identify conditions to ensure that the properties (suitably translated) continue to hold as those models are developed through refinement. There are ...

EFT for vortices with dilaton-dependent localized flux

with two extra dimensions, hep-th/0701020 [INSPIRE]. [47] C.P. Burgess, L. van Nierop and M. Williams, Gravitational Forces on a Codimension-2 Codimension-2 Brane Back-reaction, JCAP 04 (2012) 037 ... . Salvio and M. Williams , Accidental [13] C.P. Burgess and L. van Nierop, Bulk Axions , Brane Back-reaction and Fluxes , JHEP 02 [14] C.P. Burgess and L. van Nierop, Large Dimensions and Small Curvatures

The gravity of dark vortices: effective field theory for branes and strings carrying localized flux

A Nielsen-Olesen vortex usually sits in an environment that expels the flux that is confined to the vortex, so flux is not present both inside and outside. We construct vortices for which this is not true, where the flux carried by the vortex also permeates the ‘bulk’ far from the vortex. The idea is to mix the vortex’s internal gauge flux with an external flux using off-diagonal ...

The use of an artificial nucleotide for polymerase-based recognition of carcinogenic O6-alkylguanine DNA adducts

Enzymatic approaches for locating alkylation adducts at single-base resolution in DNA could enable new technologies for understanding carcinogenesis and supporting personalized chemotherapy. Artificial nucleotides that specifically pair with alkylated bases offer a possible strategy for recognition and amplification of adducted DNA, and adduct-templated incorporation of an ...

Cannabigerol is a novel, well-tolerated appetite stimulant in pre-satiated rats

Claire M Williams Rationale The appetite-stimulating properties of cannabis are well documented and have been predominantly attributed to the hyperphagic activity of the psychoactive phytocannabinoid, Δ9