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Is it possible to use the DPPH and ABTS methods for reliable estimation of antioxidant power of colored compounds?

Curie Sklodowska University , Pl. Marii Curie Sklodowskiej 3, 20-031 Lublin , Poland 1 & Małgorzata Olszowy Negative impact of radicals on humans and animals is responsible for growing research interest ... having spectra in Vis region. DPPH method; ABTS method; Coloured antioxidants; IC50 determination - Małgorzata Olszowy and Andrzej L. Dawidowicz contributed equally to this work. Introduction

The importance of solvent type in estimating antioxidant properties of phenolic compounds by ABTS assay

ABTS assay belongs to the most popular methods employed for estimating antioxidant activity. However, researchers seldom pay attention to specific factors influencing the determination of antioxidant activity of the examined compounds and mixtures. The paper shows that the type of alcohol used significantly influences the estimation of antioxidant activity of phenolic compounds...

Antioxidant properties of BHT estimated by ABTS assay in systems differing in pH or metal ion or water concentration

Antioxidant activity (capacity or potential) is widely used as parameter to characterize different substances and mixtures, which is able to scavenge or neutralize free radicals. Recently, ABTS assay has been the most widely employed method for estimating antioxidant activity. The method is based on the spectrophotometric measurement of ABTS cation radical (ABTS•+) concentration...

Influence of some experimental variables and matrix components in the determination of antioxidant properties by β-carotene bleaching assay: experiments with BHT used as standard antioxidant

The β-carotene bleaching assay belongs to the oldest and continuously commonly applied methods of estimating the antioxidant activity of compounds and mixtures. In this method, the antioxidant activity of the examined substance is evaluated by the spectrophotometric measurement of β-carotene concentration changes in β-carotene/peroxyl radicals (LOO•) systems with and without...