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Pruning of recurrent neural models: an optimal brain damage approach

This paper considers the problem of pruning recurrent neural models of perceptron type with one hidden layer which may be used for modelling of dynamic system. In order to reduce the number of model parameters (i.e. the number of weights), the Optimal Brain Damage (OBD) pruning algorithm is adopted for the recurrent neural models. Efficiency of the OBD algorithm is demonstrated...

Nonlinear predictive control of dynamic systems represented by Wiener–Hammerstein models

This paper is concerned with computationally efficient nonlinear model predictive control (MPC) of dynamic systems described by cascade Wiener–Hammerstein models. The Wiener–Hammerstein structure consists of a nonlinear steady-state block sandwiched by two linear dynamic ones. Two nonlinear MPC algorithms are discussed in details. In the first case the model is successively...