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Influence of QuEChERS modifications on recovery and matrix effect during the multi-residue pesticide analysis in soil by GC/MS/MS and GC/ECD/NPD

Jankowska 0 1 0 Plant Protection Institute - National Research Institute, Laboratory of Pesticide Residues , Chelmonskiego 22, Postal code: 15-195 Bialystok , Poland 1 Responsible editor: Roland Kallenborn A

Dissipation of six fungicides in greenhouse-grown tomatoes with processing and health risk

consumer health. Our Pesticides in tomatoes; Processed tomato pesticides; Fungicides in tomatoes; Dissipation of fungicides; Fungicide dissipation in tomatoes - * Magdalena Jankowska results would be a

The influence of effective microorganisms (EM) and yeast on the degradation of strobilurins and carboxamides in leafy vegetables monitored by LC-MS/MS and health risk assessment

The aim of this study was to determine the behaviour of strobilurin and carbocyamides commonly used in chemical protection of lettuce depending on carefully selected effective microorganisms (EM) and yeast (Y). Additionally, the assessment of the chronic health risk during a 2-week experiment was performed. The statistical method for correlation of physico-chemical parameters and ...

Removal of 16 pesticide residues from strawberries by washing with tap and ozone water, ultrasonic cleaning and boiling

The effects of washing with tap and ozone water, ultrasonic cleaning and boiling on 16 pesticide (ten fungicides and six insecticides) residue levels in raw strawberries were investigated at different processing times (1, 2 and 5 min). An analysis of these pesticides was conducted using gas chromatography with nitrogen-phosphorous and electron capture detection (GC-NPD/ECD). The ...

Peritoneal dialysis as a treatment option in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Purpose When choosing a dialysis option for ADPKD patients, peritoneal dialysis (PD) is often discouraged, due to its potential drawbacks: risk of abdominal hernias and dialysis fluid leaks, risk of peritonitis and insufficient dialysis adequacy. The present study was designed to compare the outcomes and dialysis efficacy in ADPKD patients treated with PD, in comparison with ...

The evaluation of a fast and simple pesticide multiresidue method in various herbs by gas chromatography

In this study two analytical methods, one based on matrix solid phase dispersion (MSPD) and the other on liquid–solid extraction (LSE), coupled with gas chromatography, were evaluated and used to determine the presence of 163 pesticides (6 acaricides, 62 fungicides, 18 herbicides and 77 insecticides) in various herbs. Both methods were optimized considering different parameters ...

Cystic kidney diseases

Introduction and Aims: Psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression are strong predictors of life expectancy and have important impact on quality of life. Surprisingly enough, these factors have received little attention in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD). ADPKD is the most common hereditary disorder in nephrology and is frequently diagnosed based on ...