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Bystin (BYSL) as a possible marker of severe hypoxic-ischemic changes in neuropathological examination of forensic cases

Bystin (BYSL) is a 306-amino acid protein encoded in humans by the BYSL gene located on the 6p21.1 chromosome. It is conserved across a wide range of eukaryotes. BYSL was reported to be a sensitive marker for the reactive astrocytes induced by ischemia/reperfusion and chemical hypoxia in vitro and is considered to be one of the common characteristics of astrogliosis. In our study...

Kinetics of the [4+2] cycloaddition of cyclopentadiene with (E)-2-aryl-1-cyano-1-nitroethenes

Radomir Jasin ski 0 Magdalena Kwiatkowska 0 Andrzej Baran ski 0 0 R. Jasinski (&) M. Kwiatkowska A. Baranski Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology, Cracow University of Technology