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Covariant and background independent functional RG flow for the effective average action

We extend our prescription for the construction of a covariant and background-independent effective action for scalar quantum field theories to the case where momentum modes below a certain scale are suppressed by the presence of an infrared regulator. The key step is an appropriate choice of the infrared cutoff for which the Ward identity, capturing the information from single...

Leading CFT constraints on multi-critical models in d > 2

We consider the family of renormalizable scalar QFTs with self-interacting potentials of highest monomial ϕ m below their upper critical dimensions \( {d}_c=\frac{2m}{m-2} \), and study them using a combination of CFT constraints, Schwinger-Dyson equation and the free theory behavior at the upper critical dimension. For even integers m ≥ 4 these theories coincide with the Landau...

Splitting Ward identity

Within the background-field framework we present a path integral derivation of the splitting Ward identity for the one-particle irreducible effective action in the presence of an infrared regulator, and make connection with earlier works on the subject. The approach is general in the sense that it does not rely on how the splitting is performed. This identity is then used to...