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On the contribution of overt tactile expectations to visuo-tactile interactions within the peripersonal space

Since the discovery of neural regions in the monkey brain that respond preferentially to multisensory stimuli presented in proximal space, researchers have been studying this specialised spatial representation in humans. It has been demonstrated that approaching auditory or visual stimuli modulate tactile processing, while they are within the peripersonal space (PPS). The aim of...

Location estimation of approaching objects is modulated by the observer’s inherent and momentary action capabilities

Helmholtz Institute , Experimental Psychology , Utrecht University , Heidelberglaan 1, 3584 CS Utrecht , The Netherlands 1 Manasa Kandula Action capability may be one of the factors that can influence our

Restricted Attentional Capacity within but Not between Sensory Modalities: An Individual Differences Approach

Background Most people show a remarkable deficit to report the second of two targets when presented in close temporal succession, reflecting an attentional blink (AB). An aspect of the AB that is often ignored is that there are large individual differences in the magnitude of the effect. Here we exploit these individual differences to address a long-standing question: does...