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Dietary deoxynivalenol does not affect mineral element accumulation in breast and thigh muscles of broiler chicken

Deoxynivalenol (DON), a well-known contaminant of feed, can have negative effects on gut permeability and function in poultry, which then could affect major and trace element content of the broilers’ breast and thigh muscles, and ultimately reduce meat quality. To study this hypothesis, DON-contaminated diet was fed to broiler chicks. Two groups of birds were housed in metabolic...

Nickel and copper residues in meat from wild artiodactyls hunted with nickel-plated non-lead rifle bullets

A nickel (Ni)-plated copper-solid bullet type released up to 93 μg Ni /10 g bullet mass when immersed into meat juice for 7 days (to simulate fragments remaining in venison). A non-nickel-plated counterpart of identical construction released no Ni, but up to 250 μg copper. During thermal processing of pork cubes with embedded bullets, an average of 2.8 and up to 4.3 (maximum) μg...