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Learning the psychology of the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon through on-line practice

Psychology undergraduates can benefit from direct experiences with laboratory procedures of psychological phenomena. However, they are not always available for students within a distance education program. The present study included students from the Spanish National Distance Education University (UNED) that were to take part in a Basic Psychology examination session. They...

Sex differences in dynamic spatial ability: The unsolved question of performance factors

Males and females differ in several cognitive abilities, although the largest gap can be found in spatial ability. Some published studies make the claim thatperformance factors, which can be either subject- or task-related variables, explain these differences. However, previous studies in which performance factors were measured have focused on static spatial tests. Little is...

A Betting Dice Test to Study the Interactive Style of Risk-Taking Behavior

The purpose of this research was to assess the consistency and stability of risk-behavior within the interactive style perspective through a betting dice test (Ribes & Sanchez, 1992). We used two different versions of the betting dice test (BOT), in which some parametric values were changed in order to verify the interactive style configuration. When BOT version 1 was used (Study...