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Epidemiology of Adverse Drug Reactions in Europe: A Review of Recent Observational Studies

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) cause considerable mortality and morbidity but no recent reviews are currently available for the European region. Therefore, we performed a review of all epidemiological studies quantifying ADRs in a European setting that were published between 1 January 2000 and 3 September 2014. Included studies assessed the number of patients who were admitted to...

Evaluation of the Prevention and Reactivation Care Program (PReCaP) for the hospitalized elderly: a prospective nonrandomized controlled trial

Evaluation of the Prevention and Reactivation Care Program (PReCaP) for the hospitalized elderly: a prospective nonrandomized controlled trial Kirsten J Asmus-Szepesi,1 Linda E Flinterman,1 Marc A

A validation of the ICECAP-O in a population of post-hospitalized older people in the Netherlands

Background Various healthcare and social services may impact not only health, but wellbeing as well. Such effects may be more fully captured by capability-wellbeing instruments than with Health-related Quality of Life (HrQol) instruments. The aim of this study is to validate the ICEpop (Investigating Choice Experiments for the Preferences of Older People) CAPability measure for...

Capabilities and quality of life in Dutch psycho-geriatric nursing homes: an exploratory study using a proxy version of the ICECAP-O

Purpose To validate the ICECAP-O capability measure in psycho-geriatric elderly in nursing homes, we compared the capability scores of restrained and unrestrained clients. Both nursing staff and family were used as proxies for assessing clients’ capabilities. Method For 122 psycho-geriatric elderly, a total of 96 nursing professionals and 68 family members completed a proxy...

Why a successful task substitution in glaucoma care could not be transferred from a hospital setting to a primary care setting: a qualitative study

Background Healthcare systems are challenged by a demand that exceeds available resources. One policy to meet this challenge is task substitution-transferring tasks to other professions and settings. Our study aimed to explore stakeholders’ perceived feasibility of transferring hospital-based monitoring of stable glaucoma patients to primary care optometrists. Methods A case...

The importance of job control for workers with decreased work ability to remain productive at work

Purpose Workers with decreased work ability are at greater risk of reduced productivity at work. We hypothesized that work-related characteristics play an important role in supporting workers to remain productive despite decreased work ability. Methods The study population consisted of 10,542 workers in 49 different companies in the Netherlands in 2005–2009. Productivity loss at...

Cost-effectiveness of monitoring glaucoma patients in shared care: an economic evaluation alongside a randomized controlled trial

Sprundel Hans G Lemij Thomas Plochg Niek S Klazinga Marc A Koopmanschap 0 0 Institute for Medical Technology Assessment-Erasmus University Rotterdam , Rotterdam , the Netherlands Background: Population

Health-Related Quality of Life and Treatment Satisfaction in Dutch Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

OBJECTIVE— To estimate the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) and treatment satisfaction for patients with type 2 diabetes in the Netherlands and to examine which patient characteristics are associated with quality of life and treatment satisfaction. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS—For a sample of 1,348 type 2 diabetes patients, recruited by 29 general practitioners, we collected...