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Pseudomonas aeruginosa cells attached to a surface display a typical proteome early as 20 minutes of incubation

, respectively. Conceptualization: Marc Crouzet, SeÂbastien Vilain. Data curation: Marc Crouzet, SteÂphane Claverol, Marc Bonneu, SeÂbastien Vilain. Formal analysis: Marc Crouzet, SeÂbastien Vilain. Funding ... acquisition: Marc Crouzet, Bertrand Garbay, Marc Bonneu, SeÂbastien Vilain. Investigation: Marc Crouzet, SteÂphane Claverol, Anne-Marie Lomenech, Caroline Le SeÂneÂchal, Patricia Costaglioli, Christophe Barthe

Exploring early steps in biofilm formation: set-up of an experimental system for molecular studies

Background Bacterial biofilms are predominant in natural ecosystems and constitute a public health threat because of their outstanding resistance to antibacterial treatments and especially to antibiotics. To date, several systems have been developed to grow bacterial biofilms in order to study their phenotypes and the physiology of sessile cells. Although relevant, such systems...

New evidence of a mitochondrial genetic background paradox: Impact of the J haplogroup on the A3243G mutation

Godinot 8 Agnes Rotig 2 Delphine Feldmann 12 Christine Bellanne-Chantelot 13 Benoit Arveiler 10 Erwann Pennarun 11 Rodrigue Rossignol rodrigue.rossignol@phys-mito.u- 0 Marc Crouzet 1 Pascal Murail 3