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Comprehensive Sexuality Education as a Longitudinal Predictor of LGBTQ Name-Calling and Perceived Willingness to Intervene in School

Marcel A. G. van Aken 0 1 0 Population Research Center, Human Development and Family Sciences, University of Texas at Austin , 23rd Street Stop G1800, Austin, TX 78712-1699 , USA 1 Developmental ... Psychology, Utrecht University , Heidelberglaan 1, Utrecht 3584CS , Netherlands 2 Marcel A. G. van Aken Comprehensive sexuality education and sexuality education that is inclusive to lesbian, gay, bisexual

Personality Traits Affect Teaching Performance of Attending Physicians: Results of a Multi-Center Observational Study

Background Worldwide, attending physicians train residents to become competent providers of patient care. To assess adequate training, attending physicians are increasingly evaluated on their teaching performance. Research suggests that personality traits affect teaching performance, consistent with studied effects of personality traits on job performance and academic performance...

Cognitive Distortions and Self-Regulatory Personality Traits Associated with Proactive and Reactive Aggression in Early Adolescence

This study investigated mechanisms behind proactive and reactive aggression, by examining whether four types of self-serving cognitive distortions and the personality traits agreeableness and conscientiousness differently predicted proactive and reactive aggression. Self-report questionnaires and a peer nominations method were administered to 173 sixth grade children (age 10–13...

A Preliminary Investigation of Parent–Progeny Olfactory Recognition and Parental Investment

Judith Semon Dubas Marianne Heijkoop Marcel A. G. van Aken The role of olfaction in kin recognition and parental investment is documented in many mammalian/vertebrate species. Research on humans ... identifying child, parent and grandparent characteristics associated with individual differences in kin investment. Marcel A. G. van Aken is professor and chair of the department of developmental psychology at

Externalizing behaviors in preadolescents: familial risk to externalizing behaviors and perceived parenting styles

The aim was to investigate the contribution of familial risk to externalizing behaviors (FR-EXT), perceived parenting styles, and their interactions to the prediction of externalizing behaviors in preadolescents. Participants were preadolescents aged 10–12 years who participated in TRAILS, a large prospective population-based cohort study in the Netherlands (N = 2,230...