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Non-isolating Bondage in Graphs

trees. Communicated by Xueliang Li. Research partially supported by the Polish National Science Centre Grant 2011/02/A/ST6/00201. Marcin Krzywkowski-Research fellow of the Claude Leon Foundation

On Homogeneously Representable Interval Graphs

We determine all graphs whose line graphs (middle graphs, total graphs, respectively) are homogeneously representable interval graphs.

2-Outer-Independent Domination in Graphs

We initiate the study of 2-outer-independent domination in graphs. A 2-outer-independent dominating set of a graph G is a set D of vertices of G such that every vertex of \(V(G) {\setminus} D\) has at least two neighbors in D, and the set \(V(G) {\setminus} D\) is independent. The 2-outer-independent domination number of a graph G is the minimum cardinality of a 2-outer...