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Margaret Wallace Two of the most often repeated criticisms of SKETCH are, “It’s just the same authors over and over again,” and, ”All the stuff is the same.”... tke £dtitot . . . T w o of the most often

Do Hybrid Trees Inherit Invasive Characteristics? Fruits of Corymbia torelliana X C. citriodora Hybrids and Potential for Seed Dispersal by Bees

Tree invasions have substantial impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, and trees that are dispersed by animals are more likely to become invasive. In addition, hybridisation between plants is well documented as a source of new weeds, as hybrids gain new characteristics that allow them to become invasive. Corymbia torelliana is an invasive tree with an unusual animal...

Communicating statin evidence to support shared decision-making

supported by a midcareer investigator award (K24AT006543) from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), Margaret Wallace and Jason Ricco were primary care research fellows

Putting transition at the centre of whole-of-curriculum transformation

This paper describes the development of a model for institution-wide curriculum transformation at the University of Wollongong (UOW). Transition – a curriculum-integrated approach that enables a smooth, supported shift into and through higher education and a successful transition from the university to the world of work and lifelong learning – is one of three key principles at...

The Iowa Homemaker vol.29, no.1

How to Read a Foreign Menu, Margaret Wallace, page 3 Poor Health, Barbara Parsons, page 4 Vicky Chooses Slumbertogs, Frances Bosnak, page 6 Going to Summer School, Mary Kay Pitzer, page 7 Easter in ... Citation - Article 1 See next page for additional authors Authors Margaret Wallace, Barbara Parsons, Frances Bosnak, Mary Kay Pitzer, Marjorie Turner, Virginia Foth, Nancy Johnson, and Dorothy Heck This

The Iowa Homemaker vol.29, no.4

Maybe They’ll Whistle, Margaret Wallace, page 3 These Labs are Just Like Home, Mary Kay Pitzer, page 4 What’s New, Virginia Foth, page 6 Vicky, Margaret Wallace, page 7 A Jessica Weise Original ... Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Home Economics Commons Recommended Citation - Article 1 See next page for additional authors Authors Margaret Wallace

The Iowa Homemaker vol.28, no.6

Your Dream Man, Margaret Wallace, page 3 County Home Economist, Ruth Foster, page 4 Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Emogene Olson, page 6 I Resolve, Katherine Williams, page 7 These Women Drivers ... 1948 See next page for additional authors Authors Margaret Wallace, Ruth Foster, Emogene Olson, Katherine Williams, Merritt Bailey, Jo Ann Breckenridge, Peggy Krenek, and Christine Thom son Thi s

The Iowa Homemaker vol.29, no.2

Make Yours Distinctive Glassware, Katherine Williams, page 3 Storybook Farmhouse, Janet Sutherland, page 4 Vicky Plans For Summer Travel, Margaret Wallace, page 5 Focus on Photography, Margaret ... Volume 29 Number 2 Th 1949 See next page for additional authors Authors Katherine Williams, Janet Sutherland, Margaret Wallace, Margaret Leveson, Patricia Close, Virginia Foth, Gretchen Hall, Don Hansen

The Iowa Homemaker vol.28, no.4

, Irene Nettleton, Barbara Allen, page 6 Housemothers Collect, Betty Fox, page 7 Food the European Way, Margaret Wallace, page 8 What’s New in Home Economics, Peggy Krenek, page 9 To You Who Dread Home ... Volume 28 Number 4 Th 1948 Margaret Leveson Barbara Allen See next page for additional authors Authors John Wood, Margaret Leveson, Virginia Myer, Barbara Allen, Betty Fox, Margaret Wallace, Peggy