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Counseling is dagelijks werk voor de huisarts

medewerker en huisarts n.p 1 Miranda Kurver , Margriet Bouma e i s s u c s i D - Picavet en Leusink betogen dat er meer aandacht moet komen voor counseling in de NHG-Standaard Anticonceptie (‘Meer

Het verbeteren van patiëntuitkomsten

. ▪ Margriet Bouma, huisarts, senior wetenschappelijk medewerker, NHG Jozé Braspenning, Universitair hoofddocent en senior onderzoeker bij de afdeling IQ healthcare, Radboudumc DOAC's op voorschrift van

Evidence-Based Recommendations to Improve the Safe Use of Drugs in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis

Introduction The presence of liver cirrhosis can have a major impact on pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, but guidance for prescribing is lacking. Objective The aim of this study is to provide an overview of evidence-based recommendations developed for the safe use of drugs in liver cirrhosis. Methods Recommendations were based on a systematic literature search combined with...

Effectiveness of Improvement Plans in Primary Care Practice Accreditation: A Clustered Randomized Trial

Background Accreditation of healthcare organizations is a widely used method to assess and improve quality of healthcare. Our aim was to determine the effectiveness of improvement plans in practice accreditation of primary care practices, focusing on cardiovascular risk management (CVRM). Method A two-arm cluster randomized controlled trial with a block design was conducted with...

Effect of accreditation on the quality of chronic disease management: a comparative observational study

Background Practice accreditation is widely used to assess and improve quality of healthcare providers. Little is known about its effectiveness, particularly in primary care. In this study we examined the effect of accreditation on quality of care regarding diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Methods A comparative observational...

Patient Characteristics Associated with Measurement of Routine Diabetes Care: An Observational Study

Background Non-modifiable patient characteristics, including age, gender, ethnicity as well as the occurrence of multi-morbidities, are associated with processes and outcomes of diabetes care. Information on these factors can be used in case mix adjustment of performance measures. However, the practical relevance of such adjustment is not clear. The aim of this study was to...

Effectiveness and efficiency of a practice accreditation program on cardiovascular risk management in primary care: study protocol of a clustered randomized trial

Background Cardiovascular risk management is largely provided in primary healthcare, but not all patients with established cardiovascular diseases receive preventive treatment as recommended. Accreditation of healthcare organizations has been introduced across the world with a range of aims, including the improvement of clinical processes and outcomes. The Dutch College of...