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Ultrasound imaging of the thenar motor branch of the median nerve: a cadaveric study

Introduction Anatomic variations of the median nerve (MN) increase the risk of iatrogenic injury during carpal tunnel release surgery. We investigated whether high-frequency ultrasonography could identify anatomic variations of the MN and its thenar motor branch (MBMN) in the carpal tunnel. Methods For each volar wrist of healthy non-embalmed cadavers, the type of MN variant...

Percutaneous Ultrasound-Guided Carpal Tunnel Release: Study Upon Clinical Efficacy and Safety

Objectives To evaluate the feasibility and 6 months clinical result of sectioning of the transverse carpal ligament (TCL) and median nerve decompression after ultra-minimally invasive, ultrasound-guided percutaneous carpal tunnel release (PCTR) surgery. Methods Consecutive patients with carpal tunnel syndrome were enrolled in this descriptive, open-label study. The procedure was...

Modeling changes in biomarkers in Gaucher disease patients receiving enzyme replacement therapy using a pathophysiological model

Background Gaucher disease (GD) is a rare recessively inherited disorder caused by deficiency of a lysosomal enzyme, glucocerebrosidase. Accumulation of glucosylceramide or glucosylsphingosine in macrophages leads to increased production of ferritin and chitotriosidase and to decreases in hemoglobin concentration and platelet count, which are used as blood biomarkers. GD is...

Different Factors Associated with CTX-M-Producing ST131 and Non-ST131 Escherichia coli Clinical Isolates

Objectives To determine factors associated with CTX-M-producing ST131 Escherichia coli which is the worldwide predominant lineage among CTX-M-producing E. coli isolates. Methods Consecutive inpatients with a clinical sample positive for CTX-M-producing E. coli and considered as cases in a previous 8-month (2008–2009) case-control study performed in ten university hospitals in the...

The French Gaucher’s disease registry: clinical characteristics, complications and treatment of 562 patients

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