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New findings from the time trade-off for income approach to elicit willingness to pay for a quality adjusted life year

In this paper we empirically investigate how to appropriately model utility of wealth and health. We use a recently proposed alternative approach to value willingness to pay (WTP) for health, making use of trade-offs between income and life years or quality of life, which we extend to allow for a more realistic multiplicative utility function over health and money. Moreover, we...

A noticeable difference? Productivity costs related to paid and unpaid work in economic evaluations on expensive drugs

Productivity costs can strongly impact cost-effectiveness outcomes. This study investigated the impact in the context of expensive hospital drugs. This study aimed to: (1) investigate the effect of productivity costs on cost-effectiveness outcomes, (2) determine whether economic evaluations of expensive drugs commonly include productivity costs related to paid and unpaid work...

Exploring a new method for deriving the monetary value of a QALY

Several studies have sought to determine the monetary value of health gains expressed as quality adjusted life years (QALYs) gained, predominantly using willingness to pay approaches. However, willingness to pay has a number of recognized problems, most notably its insensitivity to scope. This paper presents an alternative approach to estimate the monetary value of a QALY, which...