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Anti-correlations in the degree distribution increase stimulus detection performance in noisy spiking neural networks

Neuronal circuits in the rodent barrel cortex are characterized by stable low firing rates. However, recent experiments show that short spike trains elicited by electrical stimulation in single neurons can induce behavioral responses. Hence, the underlying neural networks provide stability against internal fluctuations in the firing rate, while simultaneously making the circuits...

A Developmental Switch for Hebbian Plasticity

Hebbian forms of synaptic plasticity are required for the orderly development of sensory circuits in the brain and are powerful modulators of learning and memory in adulthood. During development, emergence of Hebbian plasticity leads to formation of functional circuits. By modeling the dynamics of neurotransmitter release during early postnatal cortical development we show that a...

Applying double-magnetic induction to measure head-unrestrained gaze shifts: calibration and validation in monkey

The double magnetic induction (DMI) method has successfully been used to record head-unrestrained gaze shifts in human subjects (Bremen et al., J Neurosci Methods 160:75–84, 2007a, J Neurophysiol, 98:3759–3769, 2007b). This method employs a small golden ring placed on the eye that, when positioned within oscillating magnetic fields, induces orientation-dependent voltages in a...