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Optogenetik als mögliche Therapie bei degenerativen Netzhauterkrankungen

Bei neurodegenerativen Erkrankungen der Netzhaut sind die lichtempfindlichen Zellen, die Photorezeptoren, oft als Erstes betroffen. Die Optogenetik ist ein vielversprechender Ansatz, die Netzhaut wieder lichtempfindlich zu machen und dadurch das Sehvermögen wiederherzustellen. Bei der Optogenetik werden lichtempfindliche Proteine über gentechnische Methoden in die Netzhaut...

Strategies for Expanding the Operational Range of Channelrhodopsin in Optogenetic Vision

Some hereditary diseases, such as retinitis pigmentosa, lead to blindness due to the death of photoreceptors, though the rest of the visual system might be only slightly affected. Optogenetics is a promising tool for restoring vision after retinal degeneration. In optogenetics, light-sensitive ion channels ("channelrhodopsins") are expressed in neurons so that the neurons can be...

Step-By-Step Instructions for Retina Recordings with Perforated Multi Electrode Arrays

Multi-electrode arrays are a state-of-the-art tool in electrophysiology, also in retina research. The output cells of the retina, the retinal ganglion cells, form a monolayer in many species and are well accessible due to their proximity to the inner retinal surface. This structure has allowed the use of multi-electrode arrays for high-throughput, parallel recordings of retinal...