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Cadmium and Lead Content in Chosen Commercial Fishery Products Consumed in Poland and Risk Estimations on Fish Consumption

The presented studies aimed to verify whether fish and fishery products available on the Polish market were safe for consumers in terms of Cd and Pb content. Safety was evaluated according to the content of Cd and Pb in fishery products and based on the share of such products in supplying Cd and Pb in the weekly diet of an adult. Fish samples, of which 139 were smoked fish (26 ...

Chemical composition, amino acid and fatty acid contents, and mineral concentrations of European beaver (Castor fiber L.) meat

The present investigation was designed to determine the meat nutritional profile of European beaver (Castor fiber L.). The proximate composition, energy value, amino acids composition, chemical scores for indispensable amino acids, fatty acids composition and mineral concentrations were determined. In 100 g of meat the content for moisture ranged from 75.42 to 77.32 g, for protein ...

Evaluation of the Mineral Concentration in Beef from Polish Native Cattle

The aim of the study was to determine the content of macrominerals and microminerals in the longissimus lumborum (LL) and semitendinosus (ST) muscles of young bulls of five breeds—Polish Red (PR), White-Backed (WB), Polish Black-and-White (PBW), Simmental (SIM) and Polish Holstein-Friesian (PHF). The meat of the Polish Holstein-Friesian bulls was found to contain significantly less ...