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Towards an explicit model of large field inflation

Abstract The unwinding inflation mechanism is studied in a type IIB flux compactification where all moduli are stabilized using flux, non-perturbative effects, and the leading α′ corrections of the large volume scenario. We consider the backreaction on the geometry due to the presence of anti-D3 branes as well as the backreaction of inflation on the Kähler moduli, and compute the...

Is inflation from unwinding fluxes IIB?

In this paper we argue that the mechanism of unwinding inflation is naturally present in warped compactifications of type IIB string theory with local throats. The unwinding of flux is caused by its annihilation against branes. The resulting inflaton potential is linear with periodic modulations. We initiate an analysis of the inflationary dynamics and cosmological observables...

Cosmological singularities encoded in IR boundary correlations

We study the dynamics near big crunch singularities produced in asymptotic AdS cosmologies using gauge/gravity duality. The dual description consists of a constant mass deformation of ABJM theory on de Sitter space and is well-defined and stable for small deformations. We identify the critical deformation where the theory becomes unstable at weak and at strong coupling. Using...