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Semi-Direct Sum Theorem and Nearest Neighbor under l_infty

08540 , USA 2 Mark Braverman We introduce semi-direct sum theorem as a framework for proving asymmetric communication lower bounds for the functions of the form Win=1 f (x, yi). Utilizing tools developed ... . Hardness of nearest neighbor under l-infinity . In Foundations of Computer Science , 2008 . FOCS'08. IEEE 49th Annual IEEE Symposium on , pages 424 - 433 . IEEE, 2008 . Boaz Barak , Mark Braverman, Xi Chen

Data-Driven Decisions for Reducing Readmissions for Heart Failure: General Methodology and Case Study

Background Several studies have focused on stratifying patients according to their level of readmission risk, fueled in part by incentive programs in the U.S. that link readmission rates to the annual payment update by Medicare. Patient-specific predictions about readmission have not seen widespread use because of their limited accuracy and questions about the efficacy of using...