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Evolutionary Pressure on Mitochondrial Cytochrome b Is Consistent with a Role of CytbI7T Affecting Longevity during Caloric Restriction

Background Metabolism of energy nutrients by the mitochondrial electron transport chain (ETC) is implicated in the aging process. Polymorphisms in core ETC proteins may have an effect on longevity. Here we investigate the cytochrome b (cytb) polymorphism at amino acid 7 (cytbI7T) that distinguishes human mitochondrial haplogroup H from haplogroup U. Principal Findings We compared...

Evidences of a Christian Population in the Egyptian Fayum and Genetic and Textile Studies of the Akhmim Noble Mummies

kuchar mark J rowe and scott R woodward the genetic and tteexxttiilleeaannaallyyssiiss otohfftehaekakhhmmiitma mummies forthcoming in a technical report from the australian centre for egyptology at