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Non-linear parameters of specific resistance loops to characterise obstructive airways diseases

Background Specific resistance loops appear in different shapes influenced by different resistive properties of the airways, yet their descriptive ability is compressed to a single parameter - its slope. We aimed to develop new parameters reflecting the various shapes of the loop and to explore their potential in the characterisation of obstructive airways diseases. Methods Our...

Airways resistance and specific conductance for the diagnosis of obstructive airways diseases

Background Airway resistance (R AW ) and specific airway conductance (sG AW ) are measures that reflect the patency of airways. Little is known of the variability of these measures between different lung diseases. This study investigated the contribution of R AW and sG AW to a diagnosis of obstructive airways disease and their role in differentiating asthma from COPD. Methods 976...

Computer quantification of airway collapse on forced expiration to predict the presence of emphysema

Background Spirometric parameters are the mainstay for diagnosis of COPD, but cannot distinguish airway obstruction from emphysema. We aimed to develop a computer model that quantifies airway collapse on forced expiratory flow–volume loops. We then explored and validated the relationship of airway collapse with computed tomography (CT) diagnosed emphysema in two large independent...