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Transverse momentum in double parton scattering: factorisation, evolution and matching

We give a description of double parton scattering with measured transverse momenta in the final state, extending the formalism for factorisation and resummation developed by Collins, Soper and Sterman for the production of colourless particles. After a detailed analysis of their colour structure, we derive and solve evolution equations in rapidity and renormalisation scale for...

Double hard scattering without double counting

Double parton scattering in proton-proton collisions includes kinematic regions in which two partons inside a proton originate from the perturbative splitting of a single parton. This leads to a double counting problem between single and double hard scattering. We present a solution to this problem, which allows for the definition of double parton distributions as operator matrix...

Cancellation of Glauber Gluon Exchange in the Double Drell–Yan Process

For any factorisation proof, a crucial step is a demonstration of the cancellation of so-called Glauber gluons. We summarise a recent paper in which we demonstrated this cancellation for double Drell–Yan production (the double parton scattering process in which a pair of electroweak gauge bosons is produced), both for the integrated cross section and for the cross section...

Positivity bounds on double parton distributions

Markus Diehl 0 Tomas Kasemets 0 0 Theory Group, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchroton DESY, Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg, Germany Double hard scattering in proton-proton collisions is described in terms

Cancellation of Glauber gluon exchange in the double Drell-Yan process

An essential part of any factorisation proof is the demonstration that the exchange of Glauber gluons cancels for the considered observable. We show this cancellation at all orders for double Drell-Yan production (the double parton scattering process in which a pair of electroweak gauge bosons is produced) both for the integrated cross section and for the cross section...

Angular correlations in the double Drell-Yan process

Tomas Kasemets Markus Diehl Deutsches Elektronen-Synchroton DESY Hamburg Germany We study the impact of parton correlations on the double Drell-Yan process, i.e. on the production of two electroweak

Correlations in double parton distributions: effects of evolution

We numerically investigate the impact of scale evolution on double parton distributions, which are needed to compute multiple hard scattering processes. Assuming correlations between longitudinal and transverse variables or between the parton spins to be present at a low scale, we study how they are affected by evolution to higher scales, i.e. by repeated parton emission. We find...

Elements of a theory for multiparton interactions in QCD

We perform a detailed investigation of multiple hard interactions in hadron-hadron collisions. We discuss the space-time, spin and color structure of multiple interactions, classify different contributions according to their power behavior and provide several elements required for establishing all-order factorization. This also allows us to analyze the structure of Sudakov...