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Social Inequality, Life Course Transitions, and Adolescent Development: Introduction to the Special Issue

Development, University of Zurich , Zurich , Switzerland 1 Department of Sociology, University of Zurich , Zurich , Switzerland 2 Marlis Buchmann Annekatrin Steinhoff Conceptualizing adolescent development ... ; PI: Marlis Buchmann). This representative study of children and youth growing up in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland investigates the longitudinal interplay of social opportunities

Early Sympathy and Social Acceptance Predict the Development of Sharing in Children

Sharing is a fascinating activity of the human species and an important basis for the development of fairness, care, and cooperation in human social interaction. Economic research has proposed that sharing, or the willingness to sacrifice own resources for others, has its roots in social emotions such as sympathy. However, only few cross-sectional experiments have investigated...