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Sex Differences in the Pathophysiology, Treatment, and Outcomes in IHD

Heart disease is the number one killer of women. Although there are many similarities between men and women, the evolving understanding of ischemic heart disease in women allow us to emphasize the important differences that need to be recognized. These differences, including symptoms at presentation, importance of particular risk factors, pathophysiology of disease, and...

The Effect of Menopause on Grip and Pinch Strength: Results from the Chicago, Illinois, Site of the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation

function due to aging, changes in hormonal status associated with menopause, or other factors is controversial. * Drs. Lianne M. Kurina and Martha Gulati made equal contributions to this work and share ... taught by Dr. Kate E. Pickett at the University of Chicago. The project was developed by thenstudents Drs. Martha Gulati, Lianne M. Kurina, Paul J. Chung, Namratha Kandula, Renata Lukezic, and Nicole J