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Transcriptional Repressor Tbx3 Is Required for the Hormone-Sensing Cell Lineage in Mammary Epithelium

The transcriptional repressor Tbx3 is involved in lineage specification in several tissues during embryonic development. Germ-line mutations in the Tbx3 gene give rise to Ulnar-Mammary Syndrome (comprising reduced breast development) and Tbx3 is required for mammary epithelial cell identity in the embryo. Notably Tbx3 has been implicated in breast cancer, which develops in adult...

A novel fluorescent marker for molecular, structural and functional analysis of the cardiac conduction system

IntroductionThe function of the conduction system depends on structure, function and molecular composition of its components. Studying the relation between these aspects would greatly benefit from a mouse model in which the cells of the conduction system can be easily recognized in situ.MethodsWe generated a transgenic mouse model that expresses yellow fluorescent protein Venus...