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Analgesic use by ageing and elderly patients with chronic non-malignant pain: a qualitative study

Background Analgesics are used in the management of chronic non-malignant pain (CNMP), a condition which is highly prevalent among older adults. CNMP may not only be physically distressing but also complicated by psychosocial and economic factors. An individual’s perception and use of analgesics may be influenced by a range of factors such as perceptions of risk or benefits...

Medication and supplement use in older people with and without intellectual disability: An observational, cross-sectional study

Advisory Committee, and the Intellectual Disability Consultative Groups for their support. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jure Peklar, Mitja Kos, MaÂire O'Dwyer, Mary McCarron, Martin C. Henman ... , Philip McCallion, Rose Anne Kenny. Methodology: Jure Peklar, Mitja Kos, MaÂire O'Dwyer, Mary McCarron, Philip McCallion, Rose Anne Kenny, Martin C. Henman. Project administration: Rose Anne Kenny

Potential for alcohol and drug interactions in older adults: evidence from the Irish longitudinal study on ageing

Background Older adults are susceptible to adverse effects from the concomitant use of prescription medications and alcohol. This study estimates the prevalence of exposure to alcohol interactive (AI) medications and concomitant alcohol use by therapeutic class in a large, nationally representative sample of older adults. Methods Cross-sectional analysis of a population based...