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EU Law With the UK, EU Law Without the UK

Journal is produced by The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). EU LAW WITH THE UK – EU LAW UK WITHOUT THE Martin Gelter* On Monday, February 27, 2017, Fordham’s ... also a debtor-in-possession and reflects British practice in the insolvency of cross-border groups. Brexit may mean that the United Kingdom will lose these benefits. Martin Gelter and Alexandra Reif

What is Dead May Never Die: The UK’s Influence on EU Company Law

” Corporation, 50 VA. J. INT’L L. 579 (2010); Martin Gelter, The Pension System and the Rise of Shareholder Primacy, 43 SETON HALL L. REV. 909 (2013). 83. Gelter, supra note 18, at 50-52 (describing the ... , Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes & Andrei Shleifer , Corporate Ownership Around the World, 54 J. OF FIN . 471 - 517 ( 1999 ). 19 . See Martin Gelter , Comparative Corporate Governance: Old and New, in UNDER

The Pension System and the Rise of Shareholder Primacy

stakeholders.”); Bruno S. Frey & Margit Osterloh, Yes, Managers Should Be Paid Like Bureaucrats, 14 J. MGMT. INQUIRY 96, 99–101 (2005), available at; Martin Gelter, The Dark ... RESTRUCTURING 57-70 ( 1994 ) (explaining that up to the 1970s, large firms financed expansion projects through retained earnings rather than stock issues). 30 Martin Gelter , Taming or Protecting the Modern

Why do Shareholder Derivative Suits Remain Rare in Continental Europe?

? , 37 Brook. J. Int'l L. (2012). Available at: Martin Gelter* 1.1. The Significance of Derivative Suits ............................ 846 1.2. The Tradeoff between Enforcement and Abuse ... allege a breach for a controlling shareholders’ failure to vote in favor of a liability suit. See Pierre-Henri Conac, Luca Enriques & Martin Gelter, Constraining Dominant Shareholders’ Self-Dealing: The

Whose Trojan Horse? The Dynamics of Resistance Against IFRS

University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law WHOSE TROJAN HORSE? THE DYNAMICS OF RESISTANCE AGAINST IFRS MARTIN GELTER 0 ZEHRA G. KAVAME EROGLU 0 0 Associate Professor, Fordham University ... Corporate Law Harmonization in the European Union, 27 U. PA. J. INT’L ECON. L. 939, 950 (2006); Martin Gelter, The Structure of Regulatory Competition in European Corporate Law, 5 J. CORP. L. STUD. 247, 273

Rudolf von Jhering's Influence on Karl Llewellyn

economic analysis into contemporary legal thought. See, e.g., Kristoffel R. Grechenig & Martin Gelter, The Transatlantic Divergence in Legal Thought: American Law and Economics vs. German Doctrinalism,31