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Biochemical, biophysical and molecular dynamics studies on the proteoglycan-like domain of carbonic anhydrase IX

the reversible hydration of CO2 to HCO3− and H+ [1]. In humans, among the 12 catalytically active isoforms Emma Langella and Martina Buonanno contributed equally to the work. Institute of Biostructures

A Virulence Factor Encoded by a Polydnavirus Confers Tolerance to Transgenic Tobacco Plants against Lepidopteran Larvae, by Impairing Nutrient Absorption

The biological control of insect pests is based on the use of natural enemies. However, the growing information on the molecular mechanisms underpinning the interactions between insects and their natural antagonists can be exploited to develop “bio-inspired” pest control strategies, mimicking suppression mechanisms shaped by long co-evolutionary processes. Here we focus on a...